Dapi is a fin-tech infrastructure that enables real-time bank payments with the use of our API. We enable cheap electronic payments in the US and beyond, thus disintermediating current payment processing platforms.

We are looking to hire a talented Android developer to join our team of engineers to design, develop and enhance our Android products. Your primary focus will center around our SDK. You will be in charge of ensuring the SDK can be easily integrated by other developers to third-party systems. Additional duties include the development of a seamless UX for end users and ensuring Dapi works smoothly on all types of Android devices.

Our ideal candidate is one that can take up the challenge of not only making the SDK as easy to integrate as possible, but creating it in a manner such that end-users feel safe and encouraged to trust a new payment method.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Design, architect and implement Dapi's SDK along with other applications for the Android platform
  • Ensure your application meets the highest performance and stability standards
  • Enhance existing UX to make initiating transfers as easy as possible


  • 3+ years of experience in developing Android applications
  • Proficiency in Java and Kotlin
  • Strong knowledge of Retrofit, OkHttp3, GSON, Concurrency and Room
  • Experience working with AndroidX and material design
  • Strong knowledge of MVVM, Repository Pattern
  • Strong knowledge of reactive programming (RxJava, RxKotlin, RxAndroid)
  • Strong knowledge of programmatically implementing UI elements and animations
  • Strong knowledge of the different third party SDKs available for Android


  • Cross-platform knowledge (Cordova, Xamarin, ReactNative, Flutter)
  • Knowledge of design patterns and architectural design of Android applications
  • Excellent knowledge of unit testing and functional testing methodologies on Android